Why Environment Control?

Alliant Front EntranceWe recognize that choosing a cleaning service can be complicated. On the face of it, competing companies and their proposals for service may seem similar. How does one decide who will really provide the best value?

In an apples-to-apples comparison of services and price, competing companies may indeed appear comparable. However the question remains: who will deliver? Whatever claims a company makes, it’s what they actually do that determines their value.

At Environment Control of Wisconsin, we believe that “follow-through” is what separates us from the pack. Our ability to deliver the service we propose is rooted in our clear understanding of our role as “strategic partners.” We are not satisfied simply to complete a series of cleaning tasks. We know that it’s not enough just to “keep the buildings clean.” Nor is it adequate to “respond quickly” to problems as they arise.

We realize that as “strategic partners” we are hired to manage the service proactively—and passionately. Today’s facility managers seek a partner who cares as much about the appearance and condition of their facilities as they do, someone who truly “owns” the service and defends value by continually anticipating and adapting to their changing needs.

At Environment Control, we never forget that we exist to take care of the cleaning so you don’t have to!

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